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BriteBanc’s "Smart Wallet Technology", Supporting Fiat and Crypto

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BriteBanc’s "Smart Wallet Technology", Supporting Fiat and Crypto


BriteBanc’s "Smart Wallet Technology", Supporting Fiat and Crypto is rocking the $215 Billion plus emerging Altcoin Banking Industry
BriteBanc LTD is a licensed International Retail Bank enabled to operate globally and catering to the crypto community around the world.
As a fintech company, BriteBanc brings a unique level of operational experience to the needs of the financial community.
BriteBanc is to become a major player in this space by offering a unique suite of financial services to crypto participants, and by innovating with a variety of blockchain enhancements that are focused on the financial industry.
Britebank has created the world's first licensed operational bank that takes fiat and crypto on deposit, paying interest in a variety of high-yield products.
Because BriteBanc’s Smart Wallet technology communicates with the bank to facilitate interest payments (among other things) Smart Wallets introduce a new concept to the blockchain – Namely Oversight.

The functionality incorporated into a CapCoin makes it an actual “Utility Token” capable of representing an owner’s relationship with the bank. BriteBanc aims to introduce this functionality to the marketplace and entice established banks to... adopt the technology as they enter the crypto space.

Our International Debit card has the ability to draw funds from over 10 crypto currencies! This is an industry first, offered exclusively by BriteBanc! Smart Contracts, Proprietary Smart Wallets, KYC/AML instant validation Giving Altcoin Owners Greater Freedom and Control!.

Brite Bank provides enhanced security, ease of use, and a security protocol that uses data provided by Smart Wallets to enhance security of wallet balances. And it's found nowhere else..

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