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Fiii are quoted as one of the best blockchain startup company in 2018!

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Fiii successfully stood out in many companies in the London Blockchain Exhibition, being the only one company that was invited to attend the World Trade Center Block Chain Event in New York, USA!

After having reviewed our project feasibility, the organizer even arranged and gave us the privilege to have an interview session with Nasdaq to promote FiiiPOS and our business philosophy in the above mentioned upcoming event!



成为唯一被邀请去参加美国纽约World Trade Centre Block Chain Event的公司!经大会安排和进行项目审核,Fiii也被邀请和Nasdaq做电视采访,推广FiiiPOS和我们的商业理念。

【Click for more info】
Official Website : https://fiii.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fiii_POS
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fiii.pos/
Telegram : t.me/fiiicoin
Youtube : https://bit.ly/2J7EHMy
Medium : https://medium.com/fiiilab

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