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Fiii —The new blockchain technology mentor of EIA, Sylvester Lee

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Congratulations to Fiii CTO Sylvester Lee! On behalf of Fiii, he has become one of the blockchain technology mentors of the European Innovative Academy! https://www.inacademy.eu/apia/

恭贺Fiii CTO Sylvester Lee,代表FiiiPAY成为European Innovative Academy欧洲创新学院的其中之一区块链技术导师!https://www.inacademy.eu/apia/

【Click to find out what Fiii does】 
Official Website : https://fiii.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fiii_POS

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fiii.pos/

Telegram : t.me/fiiicoin

Youtube : https://bit.ly/2J7EHMy

Medium : https://medium.com/fiiilab

#FiiiPay #FiiiPOS #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoin #ethereum #比特币#加密货币 #虚拟货币 #区块链 #以太坊 #btc #coindesk#coinbase#cointelegraph



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