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Announcement Mechanix Token MMX Listed!

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Announcement Mechanix Token MMX Listed!

The first cryptocurrency for Automotive Repair Shops and Mechanic's is now listed on Bitebtc.com

BiteBTC is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrency that aims at uniting the major players of the market. The platform supports working together with most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and ensures profits are realized from transactions involving electronic money. The platform has trading volume of about three million dollars daily and is on the rise.

Mechanix Tokenization of standalone loyalty programs and merchant-specific tokens generation platform
Use of API to frictionlessly connect any proprietary loyalty programs to Mechanix tokens or any other loyalty and rewards program
MMX Recommendations working on blockchain, managed by Mechanix MMX Token Platform.

About Us
We are the first cryptocurrency for Automotive Repair Shops and Mechanic's. Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the Automotive Repair Shop retailers of all shapes and sizes and connect them with their customers by virtue of Mechanix MMX tokens.

Telegram @mymechanix


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