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Anything App is an platform which enables everyone to make money, by helping others over the phone.

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Anything App is an platform which enables everyone to make money, by helping others over the phone.
This is done through video-calls, calls and chat. The sellers sets his own rate per minute and gets compensated in AnyCoin (ANY) or FIAT. Of course, he/she can help for free, too! The internet doesn't have eyes yet. It cannot help you with most things in daily life. This is where Anything App comes in, connecting humans with each other.

Key Features:

Gives access to various services which didn’t exist before
Reduces cost and increases accessibility to consulting-based professions.
Additional income stream for experts, small business owners and normal users alike.
Ease of use. Set up your account once and leverage your knowledge to help others and
your wallet.
Does everything in one App. Just the way we like it.

What Is Anything App?
The Anything App is a search-engine-App, to be released simultaneously for Iphone and Android Q4 2018. When entering a query, a list of people will appear as your result. These people can be contacted immediately through chat, call and video-call, who will then offer their support to you, regarding your search. The ‘buyer’ compensates the ‘seller’ with AnyCoin for their time.

Benefits are profound. Anything App addresses problems with money, lack of free time and a need for assistance. Many topics take hours of Googling to find and understand, however are potentially explained in minutes by someone who understands the material. Moreover, through video-chat, the ‘seller’ will be able to look at any situation and discuss it with you. Whether it are mechanical issues around the house, any legal matters or something hobby-related. AnythingApp stands to impact the information economy.

Make Money by Helping Others over the Phone


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