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  2. I think US is the most wise country among all others. US policy makers are highly qualified in the field of economy. UK and US are both looking keen towards the cryptocurrencies which is quite a good thing to notice. Thank you for paying attention!
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    XtraderFX feedback,reviews

    I made my deposit on Friday and they are asking me now for documents. I think this is a lot of personal info to ask for .. Please advise what to do
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  9. Two Major Russian Banks to Offer Crypto-Based Fund for Retail Investors Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signalsjoin above given telegram channel Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on APPS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market added $12 billion, as major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash experienced a short-term corrective rally. Breathing Room, But Not Entirely Optimistic The Bitcoin price rebounded from $6,300 to $6,700, breaking a descending trendline since May 3, when BTC achieved $10,000. While it is too early to conclude that BTC has entered into a mid-term rally given that it is still likely for BTC to fall below the $6,000 mark in the short-term, the cryptocurrency market has gained a breathing room from the recent major correction that began in early May. On yesterday’s report, CCN noted that if BTC falls below the $6,300 mark, it could initiate another downward trend, potentially to the higher end of the $5,000 region. CCN also emphasized that if BTC rebounds to $6,600 in a period of 24 hours, there exists a possibility that BTC stops a potential move to the $5,000 region. So far, BTC has been able to remain relatively stable in the mid-$6,000 zone, with stable volume and moving averages demonstrating some momentum for the dominant cryptocurrency. But, if BTC falls back down to the $6,400 region in the upcoming days, it is likely that BTC will continue its downward trajectory. Investors have become more optimistic and bullish on the market, due to the abrupt surge in the volume and price of BTC within a small 2-hour period. If investors want to see BTC remain above the $7,000 mark in the short-term, it will have to reverse the bearish sentiment by restoring the volume and continuing the current upwards trend of BTC. As of now, based on the movement of BTC in the past 24 hours, it cannot be concluded that BTC restored its bullish sentiment and is ready to move to the upside. If BTC does sustain its momentum and volume in the next two to three days and remain above the $6,800 mark, a move towards $7,000 can be a possibility. Custodian Solution in the Works This week, Coinbase, the world’s most widely utilized cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and brokerage, revealed that it is preparing to bring third party institutional custody to the cryptocurrency market and digital assets. Kyle Samani, a managing partner at Multicoin Capital, which partnered with Coinbase to bring its institutional products to the public market, said: “There are a lot of investors where custodianship was the final barrier. Over the next year, the market will come to recognize that custodianship is a solved problem. This will unlock a big wave of capital.” Several prominent investors and hedge fund managers including Ari Paul from Blocktower previously echoed a similar sentiment and noted that the lack of custodian solutions have forced institutional investors to sit on the sidelines. Currently, there are no institutional investors in the crypto currency market and the sector is mainly driven by retail or individual investors. That soon could change however, with companies like Coinbase, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs working on institutional-level suite of products.
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    How to i start earning bitcoins?
  11. Cryptocurrency has become a phenomenon that will not be going away anytime soon, and YoCoin is leading the charge to take cryptocurrencies mainstream and make them accessible to everyone. Unlike most of the alternative cryptocurrencies, YoCoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, making it far more accessible than Bitcoin is when it comes to mining. Anyone with a decent graphics card in their computer can start mining YoCoin at home with little effort. With wallets available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, no digital currency enthusiasts are left behind. For those looking to buy YoCoin, there are several exchanges to choose from. YoCoin is actively traded on exchanges such as C-Cex, SafeCex, Alcurex, CoinExchange, Bloombit, and others. Any cryptocurrency is only as useful as where it can be actually used, and the YoCoin team is working hard on establishing new use cases every day. Bringing this cryptocurrency to casino platforms and other merchants is planned for the coming weeks.
  12. One Mathematician's Mission to Boost Bitcoin's Privacy (And Soon) Have modern internet companies gone too far? According to mathematician and Blockstream research director, Andrew Poelstra, the answer is unequivocally yes. In his view, companies are simply now vacuuming up troves of customer data, which they then sell to others without the owner's knowledge or benefit. (Think how Instagram owns user images, or Target acquires huge amounts of data on what products people buy). Not just a bad business deal, security experts even worry that with all this data, AI systems will be able to predict what a person will do next by following data trails, conjuring up concerns about real-life dystopias like those of sci-fi books and movies. https://www.coindesk.com/one-mathematicians-mission-boost-bitcoins-privacy-soon/
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  14. clara

    best miner

    I got to know that 7.2 is able to generate 3710Mh/s making it the best ETH miner of 2018. i feel this miner will be on top of the competition. I am gathering more details on the same.
  15. Andrea ForexMart

    Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

    GBP/USD Technical Analysis: June 18, 2018 The British pound was able to dodge the immediate impact of the rise of the dollar while the euro dropped by two significant points that dominate the market in the previous week. The dollar gained from the rate hike which started by the Fed and the positive outlook of the Fed in the economy. The hawkish sentiments gave t chance to the dollar to rise and the dollar bulls to plan ahead with two more rate hikes to look forward to. The Fed gives similar signals which still yet to be seen if they would continue the process and they would implement this in a specific period of time later on. We have witnessed that the rate hike would have minimal impact on the market, especially on the pound. It seems that everything is going smoothly in the UK as the Brexit negotiation starts to advance and there are no signs of risks yet. Hence, the pound maintained its position in the support area despite the strengthening of the dollar and activities in the eurozone. The European Central Bank decided to extend the easing program which in turn, weakened the euro. Although, these things did not really affect the pound as it continues to trade close to the area of 1.32. There are some strong purchasing in this area, as well as at the level of 1.30. Once this is achieved, the lead will be in the hands of the bulls which is likely to be maintained in short term. It seems that there is also no major event to affect the movements and we can say that the price is in consolidation and persists to be within the range for the day.
  16. LQDFX Special Rebates LQDFX Rebate Rate: 6 USD per round turn lot traded. LQDFX Rebate Option: Monthly. LQDFX Rebates
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    Earn CPS Coin https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php?ref=4759e9d1741f11c5e6b71fcdb60c9f15
  18. We are excited to announce that our new airdrop is officially live! To earn free 30 NAUS Tokens , simply follow the two steps: 1. Join our NAUS community 2. Enter your ETH address, done! Participate now and don't miss out our airdrop! ⁉️ IMPORTANT: 1. 120,000 NAUS Tokens from the Airdrop will be distributed to everyone who joins on a first come first serve basis. 2. Only new users (Joined community after 14.06.2018 12:00) can participate in the airdrop program.
  19. Blockchain.io ► €600,000 ($710000) in BCIO Tokens to claim with #blockchain #Bounty #airdrop Go to Airdrop ► http://vy.tc/fSlaW45 Don,t forget to visit: http://cryptoairdropsignal.com for more crypto airdrops and bounties.
  20. At the “How to develop Cryptocurrency” conference held on June 4, 2018, in London, England, ICO Investment Finance experts met and proposed the SE-ICO model. Which is an upgraded version of ICO. It is aimed at protecting investors from risking a variety of fraudulent or failed ICOs after fundraising. This is the hottest topic discussed in the crypto community in recent days. The SEICO (Secured and Ensured ICO – ICO 3.0) is ICO’s most revolutionary breakthrough, ensuring the benefits to investors in the face of dramatic market changes. SEICO is an ICO that combines two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO. While Secured ICO mitigates investment risk, Ensured ICO increases its margins further. To find out, we will first analyze the investment issue of investors. They will think of investing in top coins as BTC, ETH or ICO project they are paying attention to achieve higher profits. SEICO will solve this problem thoroughly for investors. What is Secured ICO? Secured ICO is ICO secured by the ICO right of purchase, just prepay part of the value of the ICO package purchased and track the progress of the project. When the tokens of the project increase in price, the investor can pay the rest to receive the tokens at the original ICO price. For example, Sarah uses $ 500 to buy 10,000 Secured ICO packages worth $ 5,000. First, Sarah will receive 1,000 tokens. Then token prices increased several times on the floor, Sarah can still use $ 4,500 to buy the remaining 9,000 tokens to sell and enjoy the difference. If she feel the ICO is out of reach, Sarah can stop investing without being bound by any conditions. Advantage: Minimize the risk of investing in an ICO, as if the project goes down or the market drops down, the investor loses 10% of the initial amount. If the project develops well, the investor will still enjoy full benefits as the person who paid 100% of the initial ICO price. Disadvantage: There is a risk that the price increase of ICO may not equal the increase in the price of the top coin such as BTC or ETH. Thus, investors are profitable, but not equal to BTC / ETH investment. What is Ensured ICO? Ensured ICO is the ICO guaranteed by the value of the payment currency, usually BTC or ETH. If after purchasing the token, BTC / ETH continue to increase in value, while the project is still in the development stage, investors will be reimbursed the difference in the purchase price. This is the biggest advantage of Ensured ICO, making it sage to invest more than other conventional ICOs as the investor doesn’t lose out due to market fluctuations. For Example: John invested 1ETH in an Ensured-ICO while 1 ETH = 500 USDT. When ETH price rises to 800 dollars, John will be able to get a refund of 300 USDT depending on when John decides to withdraw it. As such, John still has his token investment with ETH’s profits. In case, ETH reduces to 400 USDT, there won’t be any damage as John’s investment will be still worth 500 USD. Advantage: Create double profits for investors when they have the opportunity to increase their assets through ICO and will not miss the market trend through BTC / ETH. Disadvantage: There is still a risk if the market drops down impacting both ICO and BTC / ETH, causing investors to suffer losses. Compared to these two standalone variants, the SEICO is a big breakthrough and comprehensive revolution of the ICO with superior advantages compared to the common ICO. The combination of two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO with outstanding profits allows investors to have many options and create effective working pressure on the development team. On the other hand, the risks, even though they continue to exist are minimized. However, it is known that profit is always accompanied by risk — the rule of investment. So, investors still need to be aware of the projects and the investment package they are choosing to invest in. Fondo Coin – the first SEICO project in the world, how potent is it? Fondo Coin is appreciated by many expert investors due to the excellent combination of SEICO and Exchange-based coin model, using quarterly earnings. The model has been successful with a variety of platforms such as Binance Coin, Kucoin Share or Huobi Token. When purchasing FDC, the investor could select for the appropriate investment package with the desired profit and risk. With Secured FDC package, users only need to pay 10% of the value to own 10 times the FDC purchase rights in 3 months after ICO ends. With the Ensured FDC package, investors will have FDC balances and USDT balances, when BTC / ETH increases, they can withdraw at any time they want. Fondo Network, the Centralized Exchange will use 40% of its quarterly incomes to buy FDC and burn it to ensure sustainable growth of FDC. As such, FDC investors will enjoy double profit from rising BTC / ETH and stable growth of FDC. ICO Information of Fondo Network: Region: United Kingdom. Token name: Fondo Coin. Symbol: FDC. Total supply: 200,000,000 FDC. ICO: 100,000,000 FDC. Bounty 30,000,000 FDC. Dev team: 30,000,000 FDC. Strategic partner and consultant: 30,000,000 FDC. Other: 10,000,000 FDC. ICO Price: 1 FDC = $ 0.4 with incremental bonus for early buyers. In addition, Fondo Network has an ICO affiliate policy with commissions up to 12%. It will share up to 70% transaction fee for the referral member on the trading exchange. Join the ICO program of Fondo Coin before it is sold out. https://fondo.network Source: newsbtc.com
  21. THE PATH-BREAKING ORMEOUS(ORME) COIN OUTSMARTS OTHER DIGITAL CURRENCIES The ground-breaking ‘loyalty airdrop’ offers participants a chance to secure Ormeus Cash tokens when they stake Ormeus Coin in the official company wallet. The Blockchain-based crypto currency provides the best decentralized solution to price stability and security in the volatile crypto economy by tying its USD$250 Million industrial crypto mining business to the currency. The new ultra-secure wallet initially has native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ormeus Coin and the new currency, Ormeus Cash. The ultra-secure decentralized application initially has native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ormeus Coin and the new currency, Ormeus Cash. The wallet is secured using specific algorithm backed by a complex security platform which makes it almost impossible for anyone to hack it. More than a dozen people work at Skynet Digital. Basically it’s all about monitoring the stacks of computers. Any problem occurs, it has to be fixed. Cooling is also a huge job. The cold climate helps. The mining is being done for Ormeus Coin. It is cheap energy from the hydro dam that gives Ormeus the ultimate mining edge with some of the lowest electricity rates in North America and extremely low or free energy distribution costs. “Ormeus Coin is currently adding jobs to the area as promised with one of our new mining facilities close by,” said Ormeus Coin’s spokesperson. The stable coin is backed by 40% of profits from ongoing production at a multi-million-dollar crypto currency mining operation in North America and China, which are now indelibly linked to the Ormeus Reserve Vault, (ORV). very few milliseconds, the Ormeus engine demands a lookup request and finds the most profitable coin to dedicate processing power. The virtual currency has just been listed on leading crypto exchanges like, Topbtc.com ,Exrates, Hitbtc, Cryptopia & Mercatox.
  22. Why One Should Invest in Prime-Ex Perpetual Fundraiser. I am really looking forward to joining this site they got real profits. Prime-Ex Perpetual, unlike its competitors, introduces a never-seen-before feature to the real estate sector: a synergistic system whose prime beneficiary is the homebuyer. Theircompany’s whitepaper discusses a unique business model that is more inclined towards mobile retirees and mobile self-employed persons. This model removes all the constraints that come with traditional real estate process. “In their model,” explains John Gilbert, CEO/Co-Founder of Prime-Ex Perpetual, “the real estate company and the customer sits on the same side of the table.They always have a stake in the land, the house, the buyer financing and the home maintenance. It, therefore, becomes natural of us to focus on building best conditioned real estate for buyers.” Prime-Ex Perpetual core business model is focused on realizing cost savings and ensuring stakes all the time. It naturally translates into profits, which Prime-Ex proposes to distribute among itself, the homebuyers, and PEX token holders. In fact, the PEX token holders get an 80% cut in all the profits made. I think this is a really good place for our investment.The Prime-Ex model to the real estate process guarantees that our company and the home buyer sit on the same side of the table. For morr info you can visit at https://prime-ex.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/PEXTokens Facebook: https://facebook.com/PEXTokens Telegram: https://t.me/PEXTokens Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pextokens/
  23. Bitcoin World-Mining Sign up Bonus. 30 GHS Free. World Mining is a British company operating on cryptocurrency mining market. We are working with bitcoins and its rapidly developing alternatives: lightcoins and forks. https://world-mining.net/917386229/
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    Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Bitcoin may not go below 6k Bitcoin found the support at $6140 level, that has been rejected on the 13th of June. The support is confirmed by the 227.2% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave up after the breakout of the uptrend trendline. Additionally, Bitcoin has rejected the lower trendline of two different descending channels, which may suggest that the price has reached its’ low. If BTC stays above the 6k support area, this could be the turning point, where trend could become bullish in the very near future. Yet, there are no clear confirmations of the uptrend and the downside risk remains. Nonetheless 6k area seems to provide a good buying opportunity, especially for the long term. Overall, Bitcoin remains under pressure and for many its just a waiting game at this point. Source: http://cryptopost.com/bitcoin-may-not-go-below-6k/
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  27. The concept of cryptocurrency is not news to anyone as it’s been publicized in almost every crypto related blog and site. But is the publicity really enough? Research has shown that the number of people trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is lower than 100,000 as compared to other markets such as the Forex market and this is limiting the great potentials for participants of such exchanges. The crypto market lacks a central advertising service to effectively target investors and traders interested in the cryptocurrency market but are not getting adequate information. The same goes for new comers who have excess information that it is difficult to filter the genuine from the unreal information. Using the cryptocurrency market, having access to resources is usually difficult because of the many different platforms that a user needs to go through. Ultimately, the crypto community has failed to effectively attract new users and provide a suitable network for professionals to offer services and exchange ideas. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 40%- ICO 30%- founders 9%- reserve fund 8%- pre- ICO 7%- advisers 3%- development team 3%- bounty USE OF FUNDS 2018- 20% 50%- marketing 30%- development team 15%- product research 5%- legal & administration 2019- 30% 40%- marketing 40%- development team 15%- product research 5%- legal & administration 2020- 50% 30%- marketing 50%- development team 15%- product research 5%- legal & administration ROADMAP ROADMAP FOR DEVELOPMENT 2018 APRIL- terminal: core and windows version MAY- terminal: Mac OS version system’s robot JUNE- terminal: iOS version and android version AUGUST- auto-following SEPTEMBER robots constructor and robots market FEBRUARY: TEAM Mukhtov Ilnur, CEO Ivan Scherbakov, Chief Advisor Konstantin Denisenko, Team Leader Igor Mescheryakov, Backend developer Alina Sattarova, Head of Marketing and Business Development Darya Sukhorukova, Marketing Manager Evgeniya Ron'jina, Community Expert Alina Sattarova, Head of Marketing & Development Vadim Galeev, Head of Global Engagement Alexey Sevruk, Backend Developer Olga Denisenko, UI / UX Designer Alexander James Harper, Copywriter Wan Yu, Copywriter Vyacheslav Poskonin, Ethereum smart-contracts developer Subodh Srivastava, Frontend Developer Maxim Kuryachiy, Marketing Team Alexey Kuryachiy, Marketing Team Pavel Kuryachiy, Marketing Team Denis Schendryakov, Marketing Team and Trading Expert ADVISORS Jonathan Fianu, EMEA Director of PredictX Nikhil Puri, Director at KPMG Will Bryant, Director at American Express Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Business head at Olam Youssoufa Aminou, Founder at Yuscards.com Anatoli Ille, Easy Business Community Founder Ron Ribitzky, MD, R&D Ribitzky Jean-Michel Billaut, Founder of Atelier BNP Paribas Joseph Bedminster Oliver Prock, Founder & CEO at Salus Alpha Iurie Moraru, vice-president of Swiss-CIS joint chamber of commerce Nick Kho, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics For more information visit the website and connect with other users on the social media platforms listed below: Website: https://cryptorobotics.io/ Whitepaper: https://cryptorobotics.io/img/WP_ENG.pdf Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3418407.new#new Telegram: https://t.me/Cryptorobotics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/378114272653455/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptorobotics Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptorobotics Published by: ogtejiri Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Ethereum wallet: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
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