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  2. New Version of ATB Coin Wallet to Provide Mining Starting from today, the new versions of ATB Coin Wallet 1.0.1 are available to all users. Download updated wallets for WINDOWS, MAC OS, and LINUX following the link. The main update of this release is the addition of the Proof-of-stake (PoS) mining capability. This protocol for confirming cryptocurrency transactions is characterized by its ecological compatibility and does not require the use of energy resources for coin mining. When using this method, the algorithm for generating blocks with transactions does not depend on the capacity of the equipment. Detailed instructions for launching the mining on your device can be found HERE
  3. Localtrade.pro Exchange Provides Trading in ATB / BTC /ATB / USD Currency Pairs Dear Investors! ATB Coin has been listed on another exchange as of today! We inform you about new trading opportunities for ATB Coin and invite to try out the localtrade.pro cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, the currency pairs available for trading are ATB / BTC and ATB / USD. We hasten to assure our users: it’s just the beginning! ATB Coin plans to expand its presence on large and prospective crypto-exchange platforms, offering its investors more opportunities to multiply their investments and use ATB Coin in everyday life. We will certainly inform all ATB Coin users about new important events. Follow the news!
  4. Primedice - Script Double Balance Strategy

    Yesterday checked the script.Really work.0,04. Already on the account.I'm happy
  5. We added some fresh and useful functions. Now you can see up to 100 charts on one page not only in dollars but also in Bitcoins and Ethereum. We added buttons to change cross rates. Furthermore! We added a direct and reverse quotes and charts. For example, ETH/BTC cross is now 0.011. It means 1 ETH will cost you 0.011 BTC. This quote is not very informative. That's why we added a new reverse quote BTC/ETH. Its value is 14.1. This is simple and understandable that for 1 BTC you should pay 14.1 Ethereum coins. This new buttons you can find at the bottom of the filter panel. https://imgur.com/a/iOHwh
  6. 10,000 panda coins giveaway!

    Panda Coin has new dev team and its time to celebrate it with! The winner of this giveaway will get free 10,000 panda coins. CLICK AND START HERE Please post here "done" when you finished !
  7. Dear members AntMiner D3 – 15GH/s X11 ASIC Miner (September batch) + APW3++ Power Supply available in Imperium Miner Shop
  8. Germany’s Central Bank declares a new research paper centered on distributed ledger tech(DLT). Since, it is exploring its blockchain for payments, securities settlement and more. Deutsche Bundesbank research writes that the tech offers a more benefits on account of the distributed storage of data. However, it highlights both potential opportunities and practical challenges. Complete coverage of this news: Germany’s Central Bank
  9. The Indian Government proposes to introduce its cryptocurrency Bitcoin new version and issued by the RBI known as Laxmicoin Breaking News Read more here: Laxmicoin as new version of Bitcoin
  10. Here are the quick updates on Bitcoin volatility as price gets more fluctuates and cryptocurrency market as garbage. Find a detail info here: Quick updates-Cryptocurrencies are Garbage & regulation solve Bitcoin Volatility
  11. Built For Traders, By Traders The Most Trusted Altcoin Exchange LINK JOIN GET 1 BTC Altcoin Exchange’s mission is to bring the entire altcoin community together to build something great — with the purpose of bringing this market out of the shadows with transparency, trust, and honesty. Altcoin Exchange aims to be the first exchange built by traders, for traders. We want to empower any person, regardless of market knowledge, to trade altcoins with confidence. you can Earn [10 referrals] Earn 5% of fees from your referrals [25referrals] Earn 10% of fees from your referrals [50 referrals]Earn 15% of fees from your referrals [100 referrals]Earn 20% of fees from your referrals [500 referrals] Earn 25% of fees from your referrals http://www.altcoinexchange.com?kid=H31CZ
  12. The Ananas Foundation is a registered charity based in London. We help people from all over the world develop balanced beliefs through constructive dialogue with others. We are promoting peace and fighting hate through understanding and cooperation. Spread the word about Ananas foundation and when your friends sign-up you will both get coins. Each coin will be worth a minimum of $0.02. For each friend that signs up, you will get 200 Anacoins worth $4 What are you waiting for? Click on the button below to Join and Start Referring! http://www.ananas.org.uk?referralCode=SkOz5w-oW&refSource=copy After clicking on the button above, you then need to click on the 'INVITE' button located on the bottom-left corner of the site and then fill it up with first and lastname and email address.
  13. Bitcoin trading

    LiteForex announced trading with Bitcoin Advantages Investment alternative to usual trading tools Reliability and transparency of decentralized cryptocurrencies Promising investment and diversification of risks No influence on the part of financial institutes Rate is determined by financial market participants’ demand Trading leverage is 1:20 Did you start to trade with Bitcoin?

    We are now on IcoReview. Go have a look! https://icoreview.it/2017/09/20/crowdholding/
  15. MicroMoney starts a $1,000,000 token distribution campaign

    Your reputation hides within your mobile phone A mobile phone is your friend, business assistant, a way to connect your dear ones, and even a boss sometimes if you set the alarm on. However, what if your phone can be a reputation tool able to give you an access to the services never available for you before? MicroMoney, a global fintech blockchain company and lending services provider, has found a way to turn a mobile phone into a tool to build and prove your reputation that can make a revolution in the lending and many other industries. They designed a new scoring system based on all data received from a mobile phone and analyzed by machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. Therefore, the company does not need any paper documents from its borrowers and no collaterals, by the way. A customer should just complete an application form within a special mobile application. By ticking a certain box in the app client agrees to process and assess all the data from his or her mobile phone. The system approves a loan and sends the money to a borrower’s e-wallet. That seems to be much easier and simpler way to get a loan, isn’t it? However, behind the scenes are some sophisticated technologies making all the work done. One of them is neural networks technology. When the agreement received, the system gets all data from all the sources available from a mobile phone: contacts, messages from banks, all the information from the user’s social accounts and even games and apps downloaded and the music playing often. Almost everything. The system compiles all these components and processes them through neural networks and Big Data tools, assigning each piece of data some points of a credit score, drawing an individual picture of a person applying for a loan. Has a job? High points. Has the same job in the online application form completed and in your Facebook account? Higher points! Listening to hip-hop? Fewer points (sorry, hip-hop fans). Completes the form very slowly, doubting what to write in each field? Very low points. Then the system counts all the points achieved altogether. If the score reaches the certain rate set by the company, the system approves the loan automatically and sends the money out. There is no way to cheat the system. For example, if a client gives false information about age, occupation or loan purpose, the system will check all customer’s accounts to compare the data given and in case they are different a client will get a lower score or even a signal for the AI to reject the application immediately. With the ability of the company’s system to capture data, the company can be secured and work conscientiously with responsible borrowers, who get benefits from using this application. And this way obviously makes it convenient for both. It’s time to think about a new role for your mobile phone and start to respect it as a key to your reputation asset!
  16. hello People , I am a Moderator at DuckDice and i am offering rake back from referral commission that you will make if you sign up under my ref link. DuckDice offers 15% commission percent on referrals and i am willing to give all to you (15% rakeback) example: if you sign under my referral and wagered as follows 1 btc wager = 0.0015 btc rakeback 10 btc wagered = 0.015 btc rakeback 100 btc wagered = 0.15 btc rakeback 1000 btc = 1.5 btc rakeback players can also ask for personalize ref link (so that i can easily track your records) just pm me here Duckdice also have competitive faucet you can play Btc / Dash / Ltc / Bch / Doge / Eth https://duckdice.io/?c=b7a96438ad (Copy my ref link then open new window in incognito mode and paste it there)
  17. When 95% of all cryptocurrencies are gone Bitcoin will still be there though all crypto currencies are on rise
  18. Bitsane is an Irish exchange that has a developed platform for spot exchange. The company’s headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. The platform supports both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Among flat currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iconomi are the most popular ones. Source of the Article: Bitsane exchange
  19. Currently, blockchain technology is cropping up everywhere. According to “Blockchain Enterprise Survey” signifies that IBM mostly successful at Blockchain Technology Deployment solutions. However, Juniper Research, the survey and includes four hundred top-level executives and concluded by ranking IBM over Microsoft and Accenture. Complete coverage of this news: IBM overtake Microsoft
  20. Wizard of Oz Slots Bitcoin Casino Game Guide

    Playing casino games brings a lot of excitement; there are bonuses, prizes and surprises! If you want something classic but with the cool and top of the line graphics, Wizard of Oz Slots is the one for you. Play Wizard of Oz Slots would guide you through enjoying the game.
  21. China shuts down Bitcoin exchanges

    China is closing in on the date is set before it closes down bitcoin and other crypto currency exchange places. They justified their actions by stating that bitcoins and the like are “increasingly used as a tool in criminal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling, and illegal fundraising”. Do you think this is just an excuse to dismiss the bitcoins? Bitcoin is decentralized; it means that the Chinese government would not get a hold of it and thus, no profits for them. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cryptocurrency/229957-china-starts-shutting-down-bitcoin-exchanges.html
  22. The Real Fraud

    We all know that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud”. He even warned his employees who are trading but after a while, his company has purchased XBT note shares for its clients. It seems like if they stick to their word, their company would lose a lot. We sure do not want to see that but with all that happens; who do you think is the real fraud?
  23. Last week
  24. Here is a development video of the Cypher app in progress, shown are the terminals that can be accessed on the map, profile screen, mining as well as the general interface. Clicking will follow to the video.
  25. Anryze – Speech Recognition Platform Anryze community portals Anryze Distributed Network is a peer-to-peer distributed computer network for speech recognition and neural network education. It would allow users to transcribe audio files without reliance on a third party provider like Google or Amazon. The removal of central controls would mitigate most traditional data failures and provide the highest accuracy of a speech transcription due to neural networks education through distributed system. The Product consists of two parts - Miner’s part and User’s input plugin. User’s input plugin is a web application and API solution where the user decides to upload audio through web browser or upload directly from his server through API. After files are uploaded, Network Monitor analyzes the audio, calculates number of minutes, and finds the best suitable miner. Anryze is a decentralized worldwide fog computer for AI (speech recognition) purpose. Anryze computing power exchange is the free market for computing power supply and demand. We expect Anryze to be the smartest and cheapest decentralized computing system due to self-learning intelligent agents. Hubs unite miners, distribute and retranslate tasks from users to them. Priority is given to miners with a better connection to hubs servers and with bigger computing power. 1. User app detects suitable hub (based on access speed and apparent capacities). 2. Form smart contract and pay for service. 3. Start data transfer. 4. After several minutes user receive transcribed speech in text format. In case user upload a prepared audio file, the request is processed in the hub server and then data transfers to the miner. If user uses audio stream, data stores on hubs servers the same time retranslating stream to miner. It ensures the system against possible loss of data in the event of a connection failure. 1. Anryze Distributed computing power based on blockchain charges users for transcribing a certain time of the audio le. Therefore, users pay for service, miners (computing capacities) get tokens, and token holders with Anryze get commission. Miners get 70% of tokens in exchange for computing power, other part goes equally to Anryze and token holders (10% and 20%). If the demand on service will be bigger than capacity, the price of tokens on the exchange will rise. Anryze gets tokens from transcription to develop our network, introduce voice verification and other AI services. While token owners get them as compensation for their investments. 2. Each minute of the processed audio is equated to a token. We use the market price model, so the current cost of a minute will depend on transcription demand and mining supply in a system and also on token demand and supply on the crypto exchange. Initially, the rate will be 1:1 (one minute for one token) and 1:0,01 (one token for $0,01). As the quantity of tokens is limited and in the nearest future it would not be able to meet transcription demand, so the price of the token will rise the same as the number of the minutes per token. Such model will provide greater demand and reward investors. Tokens can be bought on Tokensale or after through crypto exchange. Presently, the application is working in a beta and is integrated to several clients. Integration with new B2B users will be completed in a few months. All money raised from the Tokensale will be used for a fully functional application development and the expansion into new markets. The project team is responsible for making the results open to the public and for using all available resources to inform about the project. – We will publish a report about current development results and issues at least twice a month, as well as a monthly financial report about capital expenditures. – The Report will contain current project needs and issues. – All major breakthroughs will be communicated with interested mass media and spread at the major community forums like BitcoinTalk and CryptoCoin Talk. First Clients will be brought to the platform by Anryze. Most of them are US companies in such industries as financial compliance, banking, and sales. Here is some of the companies we are already working with: Mast Mobile Weeden & Co Bino CohereComm Anton Gera CEO and Founder LinkedIn Mike Ezhov CMO and Founder LinkedIn Oleg Zaychuk CTO and Founder Facebook Oleg Fedosenko Machine Learning and AI development LinkedIn Alex Pogrebenniy Back-end development Facebook Oleksii Leontiev PhD in applied mathematics, University of Tokyo LinkedIn Sergey Levashkin PhD in applied mathematics, Moscow State University LinkedIn Max Kudymets Project Manager LinkedIn A special token (RYZ) will be created for crowdfunding. Soft cap: 100 million RYZ Hard cap: 321 million RYZ The initial rate will be 1 USD = 50 RYZ. The expected amount of tokens to be offered is 321 million RYZ* (an additional 6,6 million RYZ will be issued for the bounty program, and 15 million RYZ will be issued to the option pool for rewarding current and future employees. These tokens cannot be sold for the next 12-month period and will be under lock contract). Total amount of tokens will be 321 000 000 RYZ tokens. On the first two days of ICO, the investors will get extra 20% to their tokens. Tokens will be sold through several currencies. The creation of new tokens will be stopped after an equivalent of $6 million USD is raised or after the Tokensale expiration date. All unsold tokens will be distributed among all investors in accordance with their deposits. No new tokens will be created after Tokensale. All money raised will be exchanged for Anryze distributed network audio transcription or sold through crypto exchange. In the case of fund raising less than the planned smart contract will refund all money back to investors. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions regarding our project or Tokensale terms. Slack and Telegram are fastest ways to keep in touch and get a prompt response:
  26. www.cyphermobile.com Cypher Announcement Navigation Website | Whitepaper | Presale Mailing List | Roadmap The Latest news and announcements from the Cypher development team September 17th 2017 - Cypher Announcement thread now live September 11th 2017 - Pre-Ann Thread Created - LINK Filipeno Indonesian Russian Total Supply: 140,000,000 Algorithm: Scrypt POW Block Reward: 50 Premine: 15% (21,000,000) Total Mineable: 119,000,000 Coins / Day: 72,000 Total Blocks: 2,380,000 Premine Breakdown Jonathan Heald [email protected] Skillsets - Core Developer, Mobile Development, Server Development Michael Wheeler [email protected] Skillsets - Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Marketing Additional Development Assistance Brian Hemlock [email protected] Skillsets - Core Developer, Wallet Development, Quality Testing Advisory Roles Martin Repetto [email protected] - www.voxelus.com Martin has been working for the past 20 years developing everything from e-commerce platforms, dynamic web development, mobile applications, to video games. With contacts and experience in the mobile industry he is a key asset as an advisory role for the project. Jonathan Heald | Michael Wheeler Cypher will be holding an ICO within the next few weeks, this will be in stages including a limited presale Price 0.00000710 BTC / 1 BTC = 140,845 CYR Notice: The ICO will be held ONLY via http://cyphermobile.com/ico/ we have coded our own system to handle the investments, credits to your account will be available to view instantly and with a transactional log of investment/s - CYR tokens will be withdraw-able within 24-48 hours after the entire ICO phases are complete to a wallet of your choice ICO Dates Summary Presale (35% CYR Bonus) 1/10/17 Midnight GMT - 5/10/17 11:59PM GMT ICO - (20/10/17 00:00 Midnight GMT - 27/10/17 11:59PM GMT) 20/10/17 00:00 Midnight GMT- 22/10/17 11:59PM GMT (10% CYR Bonus) 23/10/17 00:00 Midnight GMT- 25/10/17 11:59PM GMT (5% CYR Bonus) Remainder of the dates (26th Oct - 27th Oct) will be with at the set token price, no bonus. Stay Social with Us! Sign upto our mailing list to be informed directly of the ICO opening Cypher v1.0 is in a testing stage for iOS devices if you would like to participate please email [email protected] Thanks for your attention please ask any questions.
  27. Win 1 BTC or 5 ETH or 100 LTC NEW MINGO COIN PRE ICO SALE PROMOTION. All winners will be picked at the end of September at random and be contacted by email. ref.link noref
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